Always looking for vintage motorcycle parts and bikes, email me with what you are looking to get rid of. If I dont want it I may know someone who does. chprs4life@hotmail.com

1952 Panhead

Newest build. Just finished. Chasis came from Dennis over at slave made. Kendal Brought the paint back to life. Tins were originally painted in the early 70's by SMMS-San Marcos motorcycle supply in Texas. VL front end, star hubs front and rear, coffin tail light, narrow t-bars, custom jockey handle, electric franks regulator, nice old Italian bates knock off seat and cool old superior exhaust with old tips.

- JR -

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Jerimiah Chicago

Location:Cobra lounge chicago il

Schedule of upcoming events

I'm playing a show in northern Illinois Chicago area that I know nothing about November 30th. That'll be tight.

Turbo and Brad's benefit is December 1st.

The Bravetown party is December 8th.

The world is ending December 21st.

Brandon's birthday is February 3rd. Mine is February 13th.

The Milwaukee Issue Show Class release party is February 16th which is also Cody's birthday.

I'm doing a Nun-Run in April. Revenge Run is in May and so is Ramble Tamble. Born Free and The Apocalypse Run are in June. Full Tilt I believe is in July.

Hood Bush 2.5 will be July 27th! If I forgot anything. Oh well. Tell me and I'll be there.



This past weekend was great. Reece "Instagram Famous' 'Slim Reaper", Justin (Dustin), and myself took a long weekend trip to North Carolina with the Death Science / Show Class headquarters as our destination. Slim was in search of a young lady named Jenny hoping to score a 69. But instead he stole all of Tim's money and spent it on cherries at the local farmers market. I crashed a little kids dirtbike doing a one footed wheelie and Justin stared in the newest episode of The Walking Dead and narrowly avoided become a walker with death by lesbizombie. DSMatt decided he didn't want to meet me so he headed to the sunshine state to hide indoors and jaque hoff to foot and dually fetish pornos. DSJason kik'd his life away and gave away a truck full of ironhead parts. Chad wasn't as much of a bro as you would expect a 'Chad' would be. But that guy sure does hate Harleys. Wes and Nathan make a super cute couple and I wish them lots of luck on the same sex marriage. Tim...is a ruler.. He's got a hot wife, the best kids, a bitchin house with bitchin pets, runs the coolest mag, and has the coolest bikes.... Best host! ...thanks so much Tim! I can't wait till we build the choppy compound there and work for you when Show Class blows up.....


I have been absent!

With all this new technology I find myself drawn to the newest best app or social media program. I have been neglecting blogger in favor if Instagram. Man I love pictures. Never been a words kind of guy. So if you are not on Instagram here are some pics that I have posted. I will try and post more on blogger.

There's my man representing!

Every McDonald's I go into people say I look like Ben rothlessberger!

Fricke yeah!

Cool pic

Need a 1954 left side gastank

May be flat tracking this spring!

Scott's bike

Soon to be forsale!

New Panhead. Soon to be forsale

Love it!

Love it even more!

- JR -