Always looking for vintage motorcycle parts and bikes, email me with what you are looking to get rid of. If I dont want it I may know someone who does. chprs4life@hotmail.com

Mike Lange

Had the honor to visit mikes place last weekend with Matt and Casey. Wow! Mike is well known for his restoration talents as well as his engine building. He has been racing at davenport on a board track racer for over 30 years. Super talented and down to earth guy. Also has a beautiful collection of rare bikes as u can see from the pics below.

- JR -

Good bye frank......

Hello smith bros. looking to beef up the road machine. Adding a little more girth up front. Still not set on the bars. Def gonna make a new seat and sissy bar. Excited.

- JR -

Cody dumped his Panhead catching an edge in a steep corner...

....his bike got hit by a car and we got tickets. But he was fine, which is really all that matters.

Rode with my dad, uncle, and Ralph "Handjob" Smuggers the other day. First time out with the old timers since my dad crashed his go-cart 2 years ago and first time with my uncle ever. It was a blast.

My lovely girlfriend Alexandrea got chummy with my aunt, then joined us on the ride. My aunt sat this one out to keep out of the cold and hit the pipe to relieve her arthritis and continue stitching spoons and forks dancing and her grand child's t-shits.

Warren with a passenger in the yard games at this years knucklehead reunion.



Looks like I am going try and bring a springer back to life. Have a good start. With a little love from the Do-all and some massaging with the welder we will be in business.

My little baby

Look I found the old legs

- JR -


If you have not met Bacon, you should make it a point in your life. He is about as genuine as they come. And choppers are what he is about. Logged a lot of miles with guy. Good Shit! Miss you buddy! Check out his blog, he is working on some real cool projects.

Pic by the famous Mr. Kurpius!

Dear Showclass...

I will have some interesting photos for you in the next few days. Hope you dig em... If not it was still worth it!

Posted- Jerimiah.


Looking for a 6"-12" over harley springer

I have parts i can trade and some money too. let me know what you have.




Dopesmoker tank for The Unholy Roller! SO FUCKING STOKED!

Paint by Jon Raliegh.
Lumenredundas@gmail. Com
Holler at him! He wants to paint your shit!

- dusty




Good times this weekend.

We finished the fence in front of the shop, which makes us way more pro looking, haha. Did some Haints style dance floor maneuvers and got my first bottle broke over my head in an all out bar room brawl. It's going to be a long winter.

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Location:Bravetown, Chicago il.

Shovelhead Chopper FOR SALE

Alex is selling his shovelhead. Numbers match on frame, motor and tranny. Good running bike. 84" stroker motor was rebuilt this past winter.

call him at 262-527-0107 for more details



Barber motorsports park

Vintage festival was this last weekend. What a blast. That place is great. Kinda like riding a motorcycle through a nicely manicured country club. Saw the Haints and had a good party session. Pissed off the neighbors (crazy racist disrespectful frank & roccos neighbors that is). Crashed the Honda, finished
My first race without a break down and got to see charlie ransom and mike from the wall as well. All in all a great weekend. We will be back.



More haints


Cat and Stacy in the museum


Boat tail

- JR -