Always looking for vintage motorcycle parts and bikes, email me with what you are looking to get rid of. If I dont want it I may know someone who does. chprs4life@hotmail.com

Panhead Billy

The orange and black 41 knuckle is for sale asking 18000.00 with extra parts
Billy is in California staying with cousin Tim he sent me some pictures. the row of bikes is of the Street Chopper party
he's doing his top end next week burnin oil like a son of a bitch

Billy Burrows knows what to do when the weather gets shitty up here,

Winter is Coming

Even though we are headed for snow and Ice, I see it as a positive. If we dont get this break from the riding season, nothing gets done. Game on! Let the chopping begin! There is this option as well, Bitchin old Ice scoot.

Seat and P-pad For Sale

white solo seat and pad for sale. seat springs and bracket not included.
they are both used, the pad has a little kink in the side but should be fine when you bolt it down.

Knuckle Update

Bacon has been busy changing up the Knuck, here are some recon photos. NOS Frisco'd Wassell (Never seen one before, Friso'd from the factory!) SU Carb and new Sissy Bar. Looks more familiar now.

Parts Hunting

This past weekend Warren, Dan, Ryan, and myself took a little road trip to Michigan to drop off a bike, buy some parts, hang out with Ron Finch, and buy more parts. Warren picked me up from Chicago with about 20 minutes of sleep under my belt (I don't think the other guys had much more) and we went from there.

We made some phone calls on the way and stopped at various garages and shops to buy some parts. Picked up a few things and continued on. Made it to Ron's house about one o clock and started cracking beers.

Warren hanging out in a crazy sidecar.

This motorcycle was huge and Warren rode the tires right off of it.

Then we found a smaller bike.

We hung out all day, stayed the night, and headed out in the morning. Made one more parts stop and headed home. We left with one motorcycle and came back with another and a truck full of parts. All in all, a very cool weekend.

Thanks very much to Ron and his wife, they were nothing but nice to us.


Check out these wheels we are putting on Bacon's suburban.

handful of naked ladies.

Went to pick Amanda up from work last night and this thing was sitting in the parking lot. The whole body was flaked out and it rocked a twisted girder up front. The lighting sucked because it was under a freeway bridge but i snapped some photos anyway. enjoy.

Iron Head

Dammit Dave from Austin Texas built this bike and it rules.
Dave is the first person I rode motorcycles with and I can't wait to do it again.

photo by Sean (Fat Lucky)

Seeing double!

-- Warre Jr --

Boat tail!

-- Warre Jr --

Harlow's first Triumph

Couple years ago Brian bought the motor and frame from Ed at Morries and then took the front end back! Dammit! Wonder if he still has it? I should call him Cody

El Diablo 2007

Brians Chain fell off while we were dirt tracking in the hills of Mexico.
This chick could beer bong with the best of them.

The lowrider Taxi

On the way out of the hills

Action Shot