Always looking for vintage motorcycle parts and bikes, email me with what you are looking to get rid of. If I dont want it I may know someone who does. chprs4life@hotmail.com

Looking for some parts

Well I found a nice frame to put the knuckle in. 47 knuckle motor in a 48 pan frame. I have a good amount of the parts for the bike but Im looking for a few things.

Im looking for a 6 or 8 over wide glide set up. I already have the trees so I could live without those but what I really need are the tubes and sliders and all the internals.

Also looking for a knucklehead kicker cover with no cracks.

email me at codydavidson@sbcglobal.net if you have either of these.

thanks, Cody

New addition

1958 Superglide. Super rare. Only one made! ; ) The ol' back will thank me for this. Not to mention my lovely girlfriend Stacy. Shocks!

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Mr. Kurpius

Visited kid at the new pad. Saw the boys from Chicago. Nice to see everyone. Have to take advantage of the nice weather while it is still here.


Ol' Lowrider with new bars netter


Gas stop

Josh, pushing around my girl.

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Forever rotten

Go check it out. Should be a great time. Good guys. Help support! Ride free!

work inspired to stay high and ride it out

photo courtesy of Josh Kurpius


- Brian Harlow, Joe Suta

There is nothing wrong with following the American dream. The sad part is, most people never get there. These artists chose to live on two wheels, exploring the ability and freedom to ride. The camaraderie of riding together with the raw power of the machine are expressed through the artwork from these days gone by. This group of men, bonded by a common background, fly in formation across the highways of the American landscape. Photography, drawings, and video capture the beauty of the journey, the haze of the Western sun, and the love for their bikes.

“We are not bikers, I ride to ride which makes other bikers think of us as rotten. They have once called us the Rotten Eagles. We are forever rotten.”

- Joe Suta

Featuring work by:

Adam Wright

Alex Gvojic

Brian Harlow

Brad Reardon

Chris Lindig

Chris “Turbo” Goff

Harlan Thompson

Josh Kurpius

Joe Suta

Jeff Wright

Ken Nagahara

Max Schaaf

Mitch Cotie

Slippery Pete

Tim O’Keefe

Tim Remis

Johalla Projects
1561 N Milwaukee
Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Reception:
Friday, October 22, 7-11 & Saturday, October 23, 7-11

For more information, please email: johallaprojects@gmail.com

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Born free 3

I have committed to born free 3 as a sponsor. Also was invited as a builder. I will be entering a 1951 Panhead. Here she is in all her glory.

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New Knuckle Project/Crashed Pan

Well I finally brought the panhead home, I crashed it so quickly after finishing it that it never even made it to its own garage. But its coming back together now. I found a cool front end, new 21" hoop to relace to my spool hub, and new exhaust pipes. (none of which are pictured, this is all stuff that we threw on to wheel it around). Anyways, once I change those few things, I need to straighten a few things and pulls out some dents and it will be good as new. Im hoping to have it finished again in time to take it to Daytona and ride around with Tony and Kevo. Oh by the way, thats my old man's shovel bagger in the picture. He's the man that started it all for me. Father and son bikes chillin in the garage.

Also I picked up a 47 Knuckle basket the other day. I already have the bike built in my head and cant wait to get going on it. Found a 48 wishbone frame and a lot of the other parts for it too which I'm picking up this weekend. stay tuned...


Alex's New Shovelhead

So my good buddy Alex just bought himself a Shovelhead. Bought it in Michigan (where a lot of good stuff seems to be as of late) and brought it back to Milwaukee. It hasn't been anything but problems since but he built himself an awesome Ironhead this past year so Im certain he'll figure it out. Congrats Alex.


Tony bag o donutts' bike on a flag

Warren and I spotted this at a small motorcycle shop in wisconsin. We both immediately thought of Tony. I cant wait to see that guy again. For those of you who don't know him, go visit him at www.thedonutthole.blogspot.com


Jockey on the knuck

Got tired of the mouse trap so I decided to make a suicide pedal for the knuck. First time. Kinda like. I feel like an outlaw now!

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Go vote!

Chris Callen from cycle source needs our input for this years best of issue. Please follow the link and vote.


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