Always looking for vintage motorcycle parts and bikes, email me with what you are looking to get rid of. If I dont want it I may know someone who does. chprs4life@hotmail.com


Jeff Jackson invited dave a I to be part of his grand opening. Paul owner of carmex labs and bill from the hd museum brought bikes as well.



Go read Grants Rant on the FMA Blog Preach on! We are loosing american youth to video games and mind numbing elctronics. Nobody works with there hands anymore. Lets bring it back. I know that when I have kids they will be well versed in die grinders and shovels. Who knows, maybe they will pass it on. We need to change this downward spiral. Buy american whenever possible. Even if it costs more. Afterall it is prob. made a lot better and will last longer than the other items.


Shed party 2011

Found these pics on my phone the next day. No idea who had taken them. Turns out it was Stacy. Good times.


Outlaw biker!

Look bacon, teach and I have finally made it to the big time.

Big thanks to the chopper god Larry from garage company customs in Birmingham al. What a great guy


Good ol' days idea

Who wants to bring back real riding? Mud pits and dirt track. The Midwest rally! Who's in? Who's coming with me? Ket break our shit. Then fix it and break it again! Maybe an offside race or trials. Let's brain storm. We need trails. Has to be kinda cold. Maybe sept or October. Anyone have any property nearby? Baas? How about dads farm. Think of the party we can have?


In the stable


The 53'

Colleen did a photo shoot this weekend of the 53'. Gonna hate to see this one go. Thanks again Jim.


Mr. Bott

Franks bike went under the knife yesterday. Gonna hook it up with some new gear! Face lift. Thanks frank. She is in good hands.


Gatto springer?

Has anyone seen on of these ultra narrow springers before?the handlebar mounts are 2" center to center! It has "gatto" engraved on the front of it. That could be the name of the bike or the springer. Not sure. Any help would be appreciated.


Hippy killer

Thanks kutty! Go buy some of these rad chopper accessories from kutty at hippy killer. It's the little things that count!


Cool finds!

Stacy and I were out treasure hunting thus weekend. Found a few cool items. An s&s dual throat carb, some axle covers and a linkert mr-3 "bombsite" carb body! Score!


Vintage paint

Had these laying around for years. A painter that my old
Man use back in the day gave them to him for reference. Just found them laying in a box. I forgot I had them. Time machine