Always looking for vintage motorcycle parts and bikes, email me with what you are looking to get rid of. If I dont want it I may know someone who does. chprs4life@hotmail.com


Looking to the old mags for some inspiration. There is some crazy shit in these old rags. Surely a different world we live in today. The knuck is taking shape. Shooting for Sturgis. We will see.

Lost my phone!

Well, I had a bunch of cool pics to share. now all I have is a shitty little pre-paid phone that I would like to throw against the wall. Oh well, life goes on. Chopper time goes on as well. Back to the garage, I have had enough fuck around time. Time to get down to business. Working on a 44', 51',52',70',80' and a real cool Accurate Stroker Panhead. Game On! See you all in Sturgis.

Almost there!

Made it to Laughlin last night. Did not even make it into Nevada a mile before the man had to give us a lesson o the road. He called all his buddies and tried to decide whether or not to take Jeremiah and lee to jail for various infractions. Luckally he decided not to. Gambled a little. Drank a lot. Go figure. 300 miles to go. Made it 200 miles last night without brakes. Lost them at the grand canyon. Heading to bacons for a fix. See u guys in Cali.

-- Warre Jr --

Forgot what day it is.

The rocky mountains are beautiful. Made it through gunnison co and telluride co. Stayed in a little town in Utah called Mexican hat. Rolled in at 10:30pm to see that the steak house was still open. It was called the swinging steak. The grill they cooked on looked like a swing with a rather large drunken cowboy cooking steaks. I had an 18oz ribeye. Talked to the locals about where to camp and they pointed us to the river. Camped out on the San Juan river. Awoke to a couple groups of people setting up there river rafts to float for a couple days. I was prety envious of them. That would rule. Looks like we are gonna try for lake mead and the grand canyon.

-- Warre Jr --

Day 4

Made it to Colorado. Finally. Kansas tried her hardest to keep confined to her borders. Lots of Jack. Campfire talk and sleep. We live in a beautiful country. Go out and see it.

-- Warre Jr --

Day 3

Worked on taichi bike all day. Never figured it out. Had to leave Brandon and Taichung behind. Left at 6pm made it to dodge city by 2am. Real tired. Decided to stay at a place called gunsmoke. Turns out cool names come with expensive campsite fees. Lesson learned.

-- Warre Jr --

Day 2&3

Made it to independence Kansas. Stop in the local bar and recieved a good tip on the elk lake campsite. Also scored some beers from the dude. FYI they don't sell beer in ks on Sundays. Elk was cool. Stayed up talking choppy's all night and awoke to what looked like a tornado forming over out head. Large wind gusts and tons of rain. The tent held up.

Taichi in his bivy. (thanks for the beer taichi)

Where i slept.

Walmart pit stop

-- Warre Jr --

Day 1 recap

Made all 670 miles of the trip! 14 hrs. Met up with the haits and Brandon from flyin shoes blog. Awsome ride. Stayed at a super cool campsite down one of the sketchiest gravel roads ever. Drank the neighbors under the table. Were warned repeatedlly that it was a family campsite and we were to keep the swearing to a minimum. All in all a good day.

-- Warre Jr --