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Heading to Sturgis Thursday! Should be a good time!

Bacon will be here wed. Gonna leave for Teach's house the first day. Pick teach up then heading to Matt and Carl Olsons place in Aberdeen, SD. Heard their place is pretty bitchin. Called Carl's Speed Shop. Not sure if we will keep motoring. We will see how the bikes are running by then. All in all, it will be about a 1000 miles before we reach the Broken Spoke. Should be a good ride. See you all there.

1958 Panhead Forsale W/Title

1967-72 Chevy C-10 Shortbed

I have been dreaming about owning one of these beauties. It is on the top of my list to make that dream come true. Daily driver!

Doug sent over some pics of the party! Thanks bro. Go check out his blog. http://rockbottom13.blogspot.com/

Codys new configuration

Helped Cody setup his bike with a cool old springer I had laying around. Needs some more tweaking, but off to a bitching start.

Harlows new ride!

Very Nice! Maybe we will get to ride the summer!

Hardtail Party 2009

So I headed up to the Hardtail Party this weekend. It was good to see everyone. Rode up with Doug and Greg. Pretty good ride. Had a little buzz when we left, blasted through northern illinois to the wisconsin border on alphabet roads. Always a good time trying to "left"- "right" it to your destination. Came upon some great roads that way. I do not have any pics of the actual event cuz I was to busy with the slow ride competition that I made into slow/fast/wipe out competition. Alway pushing the line, ended up giving to much throttle at the finish line which landed me right on the deck. All good fun, no dammage. Everyone had a goos laugh on my expense. Oh, by the way, if you ever run into Charlie from Competition Cycle or Mole man from the Hartails ridesrs of Milwaukee and they challenge you to a slow ride, dont bet anything that you would not like to loose! Those guys are pretty good. Hung out for a bit that Cody presuaded Myself as well as Tony Bag o Donuts, Peaches and Douche Bag into going for a spin at then to find a random campsite to crash at. Made the spin, which was fantastic. Turns out that Cody's light is equally as shitty as mine, but with our powers combined we were unstoppable. Hitting the corners pretty hard. Stopped back at the party to find that everyone had left. Decided to head to that campsite I mentioned earlier. Found one no problem. Even found an open spot! Setup, got firewood, had the loval eagle scout start it for us. Pretty swell kid. More neighbors stopped by and gave us some porkchops and bbq sauce! Awsome campfire meal. Hit the Highlife pretty hard. Of course we had the rangers on our back pretty hard all night. Be quiet! Be quiet! We will kick you out! We called the cops! Same old story. Went to bed under the stars next to a fire and woke up with the ranger and his buddy from the Delafield police station telling us that we were not welcome in there family camsite due to the fact that we rode in on motorcycles and talked to lound. Go figure. So they watched us pack our gear up and made us leave. Oh well. Will prob. never be back there. There loss. The people we met at the site were great. Thanks to all. Had a great hangover ride today. Gotta iron out some issues with the shovel for the next ride.

Thank-you gentleman! Bitchin gift pack from the cycle zombies

The Aftermath!

Had to repair a couple things on the old shovel after all the miles back and forth from the BMR 09'. Broke a fender mount, guess I was carring to much shit. Also broke a coule bolts on the rear drum. Cheap V-twin bolts! Other that the clutch cable which I fixed at a pretty cool old shop near the campsite I did not have any other problems. Counting my lucky stars. Hope the ride to Sturgis goes that well.

Its been a while!

Big Mountain Run 2009! What a blast. Rode out with Teach, Dan and Tara from the twin cities. 2000 miles in all. The shovel handeled it pretty well. Broke a clutch cable 85 miles out, had to dodge a close call with my tent (locked up the rear wheel at 40 mph, left a nice skid mark). Let me tell you, no clutch up mountain twisties, dense fog at 4 am would not be my most sought after riding conditions. Will sure remember that stretch of road for a long time. Had a blast at the event. Thanks to the Limp Nickie boys for the support. Numbers were perfect, not many Dickheads (besides the guys who stole the beer which gave our crew a bad rep) Shit happens. I will be back next year. The riding is unbelievable! Teach, Dan, Tara and I did 800 miles in one shot on the way home! For a 47', 66' and a 77' that is pretty cool. Will have to do that again somtime. Saw the kid's bike! Holy Shit!