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Bmr 2010

Went to the BMR this weekend. Drank way to much. Didn't take many pics but many pics were taken of me doing drunken donuts around the campsite. Check them out at www.haints69.blogspot.com.

-- Warre Jr --

Dice Party - Des Moines

What a great start to the season. First time out on the road this year . From riding through road closed signs and knee deep flooded streets to dancing around a camp fire while trying told the world up with our feet to miraculous 27 minute weld jobs to unexpected wrong turns and hunting for gas. Good pals and great times. The road never ceases to amaze me. It brings triumph along with peril. Happy and Sad, Frustrated and on top of the world! If you ever want to experience life hit the road. It will make a man (or woman) out of you real fast.

The party was great! Kung-Fu Tap and Taco is a real cool place. Pretty bartenders, cold beer and cheap tacos. Think I ate at least10 of them. Nice meeting Jeff Wright and Chopper Dave. Good dudes. Thanks for putting us up. Matt and Dean were in full effect nice to see those chaps. All in all an great night. Drank way too much. Par for the course I guess.

More Austins Photos

Midwestern Bike Shows: Well what can I say. Most of them suck, I mean they suck real bad. Cody hit the points in an earlier post. Maybe this is why we dont get the recognition we deserve? Who knows? All I can say is that no matter how many neon toting billet wagons exist within the heart of this country, the midwest is where the riding is done. I think it stems from the short riding season. We are not blessed with 10-12 months out of the year of blue skys and mild temps. Have to shit and get once the weather breaks. You would not belive the amount of mindless wierdos that walk around these shows! It is like they are hard wired stupid and the triggers of boom boxes and spyders that look like ferrari's make them group together like flys on shit. We were kinda outsiders all day. Well recieved though. The masses were shocked on how we had ridden to the show on our old bikes with ridgid frames? "Your Crazy" was a popular phrase.

Blue Jean Blues

Tim over at Blue Jean Blues is looking to sell this beautiful shovel. If anyone is interested contact him at tim@timothywokeefe.com

Killer Deal!

My buddy rusty is selling a real cool Triumph and the start of a BSA chopper. Check it out. Good deal!

76 triumph 750cc bonneville, david bird rear hardtail section, joe hunt magento, all new motor/trans, barnett clutches, 21" hubless (spool) front wheel, 18" rear wheel, good running bike jump on and ride it home have title in hand ready for you........

the project bike is a 68 bsa 650 lighting, needs to be built, hardtail frame, narrow glide front end, new fat bob sporty tank, oil tank, 3 wheels, 2 front 1 rear for your choice, have no title for the bike, only bill of sale, misc box of parts, throttle cables, housings, carbs, foot pegs, gaskets......call for more information....

selling everyting as a package deal........asking price is $7000.00 for everything!

My Wassell

So I started on my friscoed wassell tank.
First off, I cut the tunnel out.

Then cut a piece out to take up the empty space.

Cleaned it up and bent it around my leg to get the right shape.

Fit it.

Tack tack tack.

All welded. Now just need to add my shallow tunnel.

stay tuned.


Start Them Young.

Warren and I rode to a show in Illinois on Sunday. We really just chilled and people watched but the affliction dudes made that very interesting.

Bagger... check
26" front wheel..... check
12 speakers...... check
affliction t shirt....... check

This little kid was way cooler than all those guys.

Another front end

Here are some pics of matts bike with one of my front ends instAlled. Turned out bitchin. He will be at the ride to skate. Look for him. ThAnks matt.

-- Warre Jr --