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Cycle headz

Jun emailed me today with some. Cool news. Looks like the 51' pan I built for born free made it into cycle headz. Pretty awesome. Here is a link as well some pics.



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Street chopper

Just picked up the new copy of street chopper today. Love that magazine. John's Panhead is a thing of beauty. Oh and I got some love as well. Go buy all of them off the stands! Support!

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"are you going to post these on jr's cycle products dot blog spot dot com?!" actual Ralph quote

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El Dorado

Jeffery Dahmer

The Bearer of Excalibur

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Old Man August

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This is not Edson

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My good friend Bacon and his lovely wife are about to have their first child any day now. I'm super happy for them both.

- Jerimiah

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This is the first night that I had my Panhead out.

Pulled over by Milwaukee cops for having a yellow lens headlight. Not registered, no insurance, no license, couldn't find the title in the system, and had a warrant. They let me off with a warning...guess they just wanted to admire the bike.


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Bad Company

We made a little trip down to Chicago this weekend to help celebrate Mitch's birthday. I'm going to pretend Mitch is a wizard of sone sort and it was his 127th birthday. (partially because I'm not sure of his actual age and partially because I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.) it was Cody, Warren, Alexandrea, and myself all crammed into Cody's ranger. Somewhere along the way Warren informed us that we were stopping to pick up a little Honda that someone had turned into a dirtbike. That stop was at a garage that literally had the most mopeds and jap bikes I have ever seen crammed into a rather compact space. (they had to pull 4 bikes out of the garage to get Warren's out) while there Warren took the nicest bike there for a stroll around the block and came back only to inform us that he nearly crashed it...but he didn't! So on we went. We were supposed to be meeting up with everyone at a restaurant for Mitch's surprise party but to no surprise we were far too late for that, so Cody decided to stop by Taylor Street Tattoo instead to see if any of his friends were working..they were at Mitch's party. Next plan was to get some food, Warren, Alexandrea, and I opted for the Chinese restaurant next door, while Cody went with an Italian joint across the street. While at our Chinese restaurant I found some fine art that I persuaded the gentleman who owned the establishment to sell to me for under $35! After that we headed to a VFW for a long night of karaoke and pool, to my surprise not a single man from the group went up for a song, including Mitch who's first objective once arriving was to grab the karaoke song book..after attempting to coerce the dog on stage to let him pet him of course. Cody and Warren ran the table the entire night, Jeremiah ran his mouth, Fauser broke a pool cue, everyone danced, everyone drank, Mark wore a silly hat, and Mitch existed for another year and brought us all together for a great night. And Cody who was convinced he could go to Chicago for a night and be to work in Milwaukee by 8:00 am, was not to work in Milwaukee at 8:00 am.

Jeremiah's new shirt.




11:11 11/11/11

Someone once told me that in some cultures '1' represents the man/is the manliest number and '2' represents the woman/is the most feminine number. I guess that makes today the manliest day! And at 11:11 I was feeling prettttttty manly...just sayin'

P.S. Check out our new setup!



I love it when a bike is perfect and then one little thing is over the top. Keeps things fresh.


Riding Dirty

Zee's been coming down every weekend and we've been partying til the sun comes up and scraping corners in his dodge he built, makes me want a cool car.

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"The Smugg Slug"

Ralph "Handjob" Smuggers sold his cone shovel to Finland and is looking to go a bit longer than his last bike with a 22over narrowglide on his next build. Great life decisions if you ask me. Can not wait for this wheelie machine to hit the road.

Sold this....

...to build this.

Hopefully he follows through with it!

This may be my favorite shot of all time. Photo by Michael Lichter Sturgis 1979. Cody has this postcard in his truck and everytime I see it I wish I could show it to a million people, so here's a start!


Time capsule

Acquired a Wassell from my buddy Ryan. Someone had hidden some choice words under a piece of electrical tape quite a while shoe. Thought I would figure out what it said underneath. Check it out.

A little heat can go a long way. Now all that is need is a few new tabs. Then mount, fill and twist that throttle.

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