Always looking for vintage motorcycle parts and bikes, email me with what you are looking to get rid of. If I dont want it I may know someone who does. chprs4life@hotmail.com

Chopper glory for sale!

Custom pair of bunny ears we made a few summers ago, they are stainless with a few scratches here and their but would polish out.

I also have this twisted front leg springer. Chrome is flaked off on the top tree but over all in real good shape. 7/8 stem.

I also have this bitching 16 wheel, pretty sure it's for a sportster drum brake. Chrome is rusted in spots but you might be able to clean it up.

Email me for prices and photos of my tits.


Jerimiah Chicago


WOO WOOOOO! Gots mad love for my fam! WOO WOOOO

Soooooooooooooo The Haints were in the Midwest this weekend, and I must say..they left their mark! From the stench of strippers spit in Jr's face to piss covered bathrooms from the poor aim of tandem backwards pissing in Milwaukee, to the urine soaked burnt out balded tire to bruised knees, sore muscles and even more bruised egos from the dance off to the multiple hickies handed out by Moon at Doug's place in Antioch, to the JUGGALO fam wisdom educated upon all of us at Harlow's lodge to the stale smell of paint soaked burning pubes of Duane to the dread collection Nick started, to the multiple tattoos sterilized with beer to the strippers who will now never agree to doing a private party without asking a few more questions first to the bitter sweet taste of Shawn's saliva lingering in the back of most of our mouths...(not to mention the countless goodies, stickers, coozies, t shirts, iPhone charger (thanks Duane) and jacket (thanks Brandon, hope you didn't get too much guff from the guys for giving it up) that these boys just handed out no questions asked, not looking for money or anything, just in trade for a good time and a new friend) The Haints most certainly left their mark. And that mark isn't going anywhere soon. Moon, Nick, Duane, Brandon, and Doug, I'm glad to have you boys as my friends welcome to our troubled family. I'm definitely planning a trip to Bama very soon. I know Warren, and Jeremiah will be there and any one else who wants to join just let me know! The more the merrier!

Also had the pleasure of meeting bronsonville Shawn, Turbo, Frank, Jr's sister (who's name slips my mind) his mother Linda, and the Snodgrass Brothers (at least I think they were brothers?) to anyone else I met over the weekend, I'm sorry if I forgot you, I'm sure the pleasure was all mine! I look forward to many many more adventures with all of you! WOO WOOOOO!






"Oh when the HAINTS Go marching in! OHH when the HAINTS GO. MARCH..ING. IN! Oh how I'd like to be in that number (I don't get that line?) OHHHH WHEN THE HAINTSSS GO MARRRRCHING IN!"

A few of everyone's favorite degenerates are headed toward the Midwest for a few of the festivities this weekend. And I know everyone that has had the pleasure of meeting these guys is very excited to see them again. And I must say I look forward to meeting the boys myself. Fun shall proceed and I'm sure everyone will sharing all the antics very soon.