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Headed to born free 4

Left on Sunday with Liz and Kendal in the truck headed to Denver in order to meet Brandon (Haints) to ride with him the rest of the way. Unloaded in Denver at Robbie's (Haints) house after he and his lovely girlfriend put us up for a night. Brandon made it to Denver at 4 am in Monday morning. Had a few minor issues on the way to denver(broken frame, leaky gas tank, no big deal). Headed to speed metal in the morning to meet dave Justin Steve and Dave's dad. They let us use the shop to get Brandon's bike back in tip top shape. Left Denver about 4pm. Kinda late start but we needed to get out of there. So hot! I think it was 105 degrees when we left. The old bike did not like that very much. only made it 100 miles then decided to be adventurous and take a dirt road pass. Got halfway up and it turned into a billy goat pass. Had to turn around. Oh well, it was worth the 15 miles up the pass. Found a great campsite in Leadville Colorado. Great people out there. Sampled the local nightlife. Interesting to say the least. Tuesday we left early to get a jump start on the day. Man is Colorado beautiful. About 200 miles into the trip we found a cutoff road and decided to take it. Wow! It was a bun road and dirt. Up and down canyons, up and over some nasty ruts. Brandon washed out of one of them. Easy fall no damage. When I took a step back and think about what we are doing it became pretty surreal. Deep down a fire road far from any civilization in 50 year old bikes all alone. Anything could happen. At that point we were really living! Made it out of the abyss and into Monticello Utah. Found a great campsite on the top of shay mountain. Had a thunderstorm roll through. Nice to be cool. Currently we sit in a little diner planning out route through canyon land Utah. Can't wait! Will post more pics soon.

- JR -

Valley Life

We got a pooool!

We all got together for Warren's engagement party! Cody, Kyle, and Cara came up from Chicago!

It rained on the way back to the shop.

The lucky man.

We also learned karate.


Ps all the ladies and gentlemen traveling west for Born Free, good luck, ride safe, and tell my Grandma I said hi!

Location:The Valley


Get excited!! We also just added LOWBROW Customs and New Frontier as sponsors! So all the giveaways and prizes are going make the trip worth it, as if the party weren't! This is going to be insane!

Also, if anyone wants to come out the Thursday before the party we are all riding to the Racine County Fair to see the motor city madman TED NUGENT! I have off work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. So if anyone wants to come out early and lose their minds with me for a week get ahold of me,
262-506-8466 I've got plenty of places to stay and plenty of things to do. Not to mention The Haints boys should be out and about causing trouble with me fairly early as well! I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces!

We also got to see Warren race yesterday! Those little bikes mean serious business!!! I didn't catch how he placed in the second race but he took 2nd in the first race! DATS WUTS UP!