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Johnny Koller's coupe

Little Chris and myself stopped by Johnny's shop the other day. He swapped his caddy motor for a bigger caddy motor this past winter. Now this little coupe rocks a 510ci motor.

He fired it up and I was literally nervous, the thing sounds like a fucking dragster. The unfortunate part is that Johnny plans on taking it back out. He said it's just too scary to drive.

Maybe he will let me take it for a spin before he pulls the motor......


Look at the size of this truck!!! May have been the biggest pick up I've ever seen on the road.

Playing around

My expressed some interest in my shovel but did not like the rabbit ears. Thought I would entice home a little with different bars.

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Fat Bob!

Good guy! Look him up if ever need any parts. Rockford il.

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The bikes

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Country mile IV

Well it came and went just like that. Good times good friends. Always good to get together and put some miles on. The weather was predictable and the destinations were top notch as always.

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Back to rolling!

Needed to get Codys bike off the table. How u like the new stance?

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