Always looking for vintage motorcycle parts and bikes, email me with what you are looking to get rid of. If I dont want it I may know someone who does. chprs4life@hotmail.com

Street chopper shoot

Alex from chicago created a pretty cool video check it out


- JR -

Flatty update

Pre-lim fender mount. Still have
To shorten, radius and finish weld it. Think I got the width correct. Now I just need some race tires and aluminum rims. Santa? (notice the BILTWELL bars and risers!). Sent the cylinders up to pay for a little reworking. She's gonna

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Hey everyone I'm in a rock band! Check it out. Come hang out. Have us play in your town. Download our record. Or don't.


Chop shop

Had to skinny up this old fender to work on the 45. Should be pretty cool. Looks like Someone put some time and effort into it a while back. "bobbed". Stay tooned.

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Hats are back!

Get them while they are hot! $25 shipped. PayPal chprs4life@hotmail.com please send the personal way, wink wink!

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Sorry kinda been lost in the instagram world, here's a collection of photos partying and working at the shop over the past few weeks.

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Iron Cages

Dustin's first show with his new polka band.

Photo by Luke M.


It's a whole new paradise this time around!

Sorry about the lack of posts! Been lurking instagram and building up the new shop lately! Recently we merged our two biggest shops here in Milwaukee (the one we were in with 6 dudes and friends of ours had a shop with 5 dudes) into one shop with 11 dudes. Huge amount of space. And it's a place with heat, just in time!

The usual suspects.

And staying with the 'Merica theme. Here's a random gift of Sasha Grey for all of you!

IG - mke_choppy_boys
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Bill, magoo and mike over at Bilwell hooked it up with a sponsor package last week for the race bike. Wow! Thanks guys, this stuff is gonna be put to good use. Thank you so much! Bars, risers, pegs and more. Great stuff! I will post pics of the parts on the bike as soon as they are on. Stay tooned!

- JR -