Always looking for vintage motorcycle parts and bikes, email me with what you are looking to get rid of. If I dont want it I may know someone who does. chprs4life@hotmail.com


what the fuck is the thing with skateboards and bikers how are the 2 related???????? you have me wondering. just thought I'd speak my mind.

here is a shovelhead I built 3 years ago

The kid has large dreams!

I told you that Cody has caught the bug. Here he sits on his newly aquired rolling chasis, as Bacon looks on. Scored the springer from Chico over at http://blacktopsquadron.blogspot.com and I had the frame. Chop on sir!

Random Sticker Defacing!

Bitchin Sportster

Bacon has got me hot for sportsters latley. Here is a fine example. XLCH Yummy!

Mr. Mitch Cotie

Here is some of Mitch's work. He was setup, selling these pieces at the supercycle show last year. I think he may have more. Look him up. Support! www.kemosabeandthelodge.blogspot.com

Pan update!

Here are some more progress pics. Fell a little behind schedule. Should be able to start it up in the next couple days.

Clayton's 57' Panhead sporting a Jr's Cycle Products Hub

Here are some pics of Claytons GORGEOUS 57' panhead. He bought a hub from me a while back, asked him for some pics when it was finished. Whoa! I love it. Actually saw these pics from the BORN FREE show prior to knowing that the bike had my hub on it. Bitchin. Nice job Clayton.

Trike pics

Cody posted pics of this trike a while back. The guy who owns it saw the pics and thought we would like to see more. So here they are. Guess this guy drives it all over the country.Here is the proof. Gotta repesct that.

my dad's 69

I started putting my dad's 69 shovel back together this week. He bought this bike complete and all original about ten years ago. It had a tired motor, electrical problems, etc. Well right after he got it he tore it apart, got the frame powder coated, and rebuilt the motor. Then got busy, bought a new house, changed jobs, you know how the story goes. Anyways 10 years went by and now it has re-emerged from the basement. I'll get it finished this winter and will ride it a bunch this summer. It will be nice to have a chopper and a cruiser to ride.

9th street in Austin

Me rocking a table top over a hip in Austin Texas this past summer.
I can't wait to ride 9th street again.

The New Panhead!

Short Block
Someone else is in lovewith the same woman

The heart
The start
Bacon and I have teamed up on a new build. We have been working on it since he moved to Milwaukee. Progress has been pretty steady. 1958 Panhead motor, 4-speed ratchet top, 51' straight leg frame (Window Pane neck) mild rake. Bacon re-built the motor and trans. Doug and Andy painted it. I am falling in love. Motor is done, trans is done. Paint is done. Just need a few odds and ends. Should be riding it in a week or so. We will keep you posted.

new paint

Thanks to Doug for the paint, looks great and now we're ready to finish the pan.

A trip down south

Its always good to see the guys. Stopped by Brave town or Braveland. What ever Harlow came up with. Smelled more like Dog Town. They are gonna have a pretty decent spot. Cant wait to watch the first Biker "B" movie on the loft. Wished the guys all the luck then split. It was so nice that we had to ride. 90 miles an hour there and back makes for a short trip. We will have to go further next time.

Another project.


chicago ride

The ride to Chicago was awesome. 90mph there ate a club sandwich and hung out at the new shop and 90 mph back. hauled ass


Thanks Jerimiah for the pegs, they rule , sent you a little package last week.

Sunday Ride

We had a perfect weekend of riding, warm as hell and the bikes ran perfect, it was hard to believe it was November. hope there are more days like this.