Always looking for vintage motorcycle parts and bikes, email me with what you are looking to get rid of. If I dont want it I may know someone who does. chprs4life@hotmail.com

Me and Stacy took a ride up to a friends cabin for the night. Nice ride up, froze our ass's off the next day. Ahh the joy of motorcycling! Notice the fishing poles?

Junk Yard Heaven!

Out cruising for parts. Found myself in a little town outside of Madison. At a Very cool place called Suter's Speed Shop. Large graveyard for a whole lot of not so fortunate two wheeled machines. Walked around with Sam the parts guy and talked with Steve the owner. Good Guys. Picked up a very cool 25.0 x 5.00 x 18 Goodyear Eagle White Letter Drag tire as well as the infamous wm0 chrome steel rim!

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