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Nice job Dustin!

Hood bush was a blast As well as a great success. Its about time we have a cool chopper show to attend in Milwaukee the home of Harley Davidson! Dustin knocked it out of the park. Great times and great friends. What more can you ask for?

- JR -


All the doodz and chickz start rolling in tonight! In so stoked to play host to every one of my favorite people all at once for an entire weekend!! I may be dead by Monday and I'm totally ok with that. My weekend starts today, I've still got tons of prep and planning to do, but this weekend we will rage!

Get stoked!

Great weekend, except when we crashed the knucklehead

Stacy and I rode up to the family reunion this weekend. Lots of great miles! A few shitty miles. About 4 hrs from home the front inner tube decided that it did not want to play anymore. It went flat at 60 mph. Fought the bike over to the deep gravel shoulder then laid it down. With Stacy on back. Fuck that was a close one. Only a few scrapes. Two cars stopped and were helping us get up. Super nice people. Pushed the bike up to Dave's place where we were lucky enough to have an inner tube repaired in the matter of 30 minutes. The road never ceases to amaze me. All I could think about was if Stacy was all right. She took it like a champ. I am a lucky guy!

Boobie grab


Peepee break

Cool sign

Dave's place

Road rash

Holy hill

- JR -

Knucklehead reunion and Harley museum

Went to the reunion as well as the museum. 50 knucks showed up. Pretty cool site. Also was able to tour the museum. Always nice to wander around that place.

- JR -

That's that chopper shit I've been talking about

This past weekend a few of us headed to St Paul Minnesota for the Full Tilt Chopper Extravaganza. It fucking ruled. Headed out there with the best people, (Justin and Ralph from The Valley, Reece from Grand Rapids, and Jerimiah from Bravetown) we loaded the bikes into a trailer to avoid any chopper headaches, so we could have more time to party, meet new friends, and hang out with old ones. My brother Brandon (also from The Valley) and his lovely girlfriend Stephanie hopped on his ironhead and muscled through the trek there. No phones, plenty of rain, and not a complaint out of either of them.

The entire weekend went off without a hitch, except for yesterday when my phone took a shit and I lost all my photos. Either way, those who made it out know exactly how great it was, those who want to know, HAVE to make it next year! Extra HUGE special thanks to Kevin Thoen for treating us like kings and letting us swim in his parents olympic size swimming pool and crashing in their mansion that they bought with all their riches from owning Target Stores Inc.
"don't let the cat out"
Also a big thanks to the entire Heavy crew and all the dudes and babes we met while there! I look forward to seeing all of you at Hood Bush in Milwaukee July 28th!

- Dusty

Location:Honda Car

Full Tilt Boogie!

If you're not going to the knucklehead reunion or are just in the Minnesota area or can be in the Minnesota area, then you should probably go to this and give us high fives and buy the coolest shirts and drink tonic n limes!

I look forward to meeting all these dudes! Party on Wayne!

- Dusty

Hood Bush

About one year ago, was technically the first annual Hood Bush BBQ. It wasn't a planned event, it was a handful of us hanging out in need of a BBQ looking to ride some dirt bikes and some choppies off road, so we headed out to local "riding spot" (a series of dirtbike trails hidden in the cut of a local Milwaukee ghetto) we loaded the van with dirt bikes and a grill, hopped on the choppies and were on our way. It was great, it was dirty, it was nonsense, we learned how to do donuts on dirtbikes and even hooked up a Harley Davidson big wheel to The Bandit (a 1975 Kawasaki KZ125) and were taking turns jumping each other off a ramp we built out of nearby garbage. Everyone's friend Nathan Powers took it upon himself to dub the event Hood Bush, quite obviously because it's essentially bushes in the hood. On the ride home Cody and myself were talking and decided, we should do this again next year! But do it right, a flyer, maybe some sponsors, and a bike show, A DIRTY BIKE SHOW! And any clean, show quality, obviously unridden bikes, will have to ride through a big mud puddle before they are granted admittance!

Well, HERE WE ARE! All of our wildest dreams come true! Thanks to the help of MANY MANY MANY great friends! We the proud people of The Valley of Milwaukee Wisconsin and our friends of the south The Haints and out friends all over the country bring to you The second annual (first official) Hood Bush BBQ!!! Come one come all! Let's rage!