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Music 3

So this week we are going to start out with "Small Brown Bike."

They are just a really good, solid, energy filled band that is fun
to shout along to with your friends.

Next is "Yeah Yeah Yeahs."

The vocalist has one of the most seductive voices and they have songs you can chill on the couch and think about having sex with her or songs that you have to grab a chick and dance your ass off to.

Last is "Modern Life is War."

Bottom line is that these guys are my favorite hardcore band and have been for years.



Street chopper!

Go get it. Great job guys! Very cool bikes! Dynamite joes knuckle and kiyos knuckle! Wow. Thanks Josh!

-- Warre Jr --

Jr's/Cody's spool hub

I took one of Warren's peaked spool hubs and changed it up for my bike. I took the peaks out and gave it some contour. I also polished it again after this photo and got all the tiny scratches out.


I love the look of a slightlly modified very close to stock superglides! There is just somthing about them that gets me going. 4" over fork tubes and a small sissy bar and away you go. My old man rode out west with buddies on a bike like the red one. I will post some pics of that later.

Little carls 71' superglide. Morris mags and the duck bill fender (removed the boat tail , which I have) with 4" over fork tubes. Kick only. Cool Borge Warner m/c

Uncle Wayne next to another cool fxlr. Blade invaders 4" over tubes. You can't go wrong.

-- Warre Jr --

Beer bash at the shed

Mitch (kemosabe and the lodge) made the cold trip. Good to see the boys from Chicago

Marius chevy

Nice spot to take a piss.

-- Warre Jr --

Music 2

I'm a little late with my music update so today ill throw in a 3 for 1 deal.

First up is "Mouth of the Architect."
They tastefully go from really heavy to really chill and everything in between.

Next up is "Cursive."
The singer/guitarist in this band is one of my favorite lyricists/song writers.

Lastly is "Shwayze."

Tony Bag o Donutts handed me this cd a few weeks ago and said "Hey listen to this, it reminds me of you and I think you'll like it."

.....he was right.


New project.

1953 Panhead with a knuck springer. The wishbone frame is the nicest I have seen.

-- Warre Jr --

What is Cody building?

A hang glider?

An new folding chair?

A bitchin new cell phone?

Or a lawn mower?

-- Warre Jr --

my panhead

I still have a lot of work to do but its coming along. We started on the sissy bar tonight and hopefully it will be done soon.


Country Mile #2

Just found this on the street chopper website. The pics and article on Country Mile #2 Pictures by Kid Kurpius. Words by ME. Go take a look.

Good Music

So not much has been going on for me in the motorcycle world as of late but I've been busy writing and recording music with my band. I am going to try and post a different band every week that I have been listening to or just something that I think you should check out.

First up is my favorite band of all time "The Appleseed Cast." check them out.



Cycle source rodeo sturgis 2010

Jeff at Speedking photo took these photos. I broke my belt on that turn. Ended up getting a new belt from jeff at led sled. Had to change it in the parking lot. I love choppers!

-- Warre Jr --

Awsome shovel

158 ci hand made shovel motor. 185 horse at the rear wheel with an additional 50 shot of nitrous. 235 horse shovel! Fuckin a! Bud from Crown customs built it in the early 90's. It is streetable as well. It idles like a stock
Shovel. He started with a huge block of billet to create the molds for the sand casting. The heads, cylinders and cases! Completey original. So cool. It
Is a little dated but damn would I like to twist that throttle. Bud likes to pick on the crotch rocket boys.

-- Warre Jr --


Thanks to Amy and the teacher man for putting us up. Thanks to Milwaukee mike for the hotel room. I will be back next year.

Gentlemans mosh pit

Mr Callen was in rare form. With the light he kinda looks
Like the messiah.

Swapmeet treaures and the brawny man

Ben had his round shoes on.

-- Warre Jr --

Flyrite redo



Ryan wanted his flyrite
Jazzed up a little. Did the pipes and bars as well as threw on one of my front-ends a spool and kicker pedal. Turned out
Pretty nice. Looks way different. Thanks Ryan.
-- Warre Jr --