Always looking for vintage motorcycle parts and bikes, email me with what you are looking to get rid of. If I dont want it I may know someone who does. chprs4life@hotmail.com

1976 Comet sleeper!

Our buddy bob just acquired a super cool comet these cars were written off, for good reason. Lack of styling and no horsepower. Well this car has broken the stigma may still be lacking in the visual department but this thing is gonna blow some doors off! Definition of a sleeper!

This was taken from bang shift online magazine. "The gray paint, called Dove Gray by the factory, virtually forces you to look for something more interesting to see, the poverty caps on all four corners kind of detract from those meaty rear tires, the little 306ci small block Ford motor is packing a Weiand mini-blower making 6psi of boost, then there's the 100hp shot of juice on top of that!

The motor seems to have been built by a true BangShifter featuring a 1993 Cobra crankshaft and 1970 Windsor heads that have been ported/polished and filled with 1.94in Chevy intake valves. The motor is backed by an AOD transmission that has a manual valve body and a 3,000 rpm converter. In the back it is a 9" Ford rear-end and 4.30 gears"


Who's in?

Two great events that yours truly will be attending. Anyone interested?


Blotto parts!

Go see Mike D! Thanks mike!

Got parts, need parts? '36-'69 SUCKADUCKPUNK@YAHOO.COM


Funny Rabbit!

Building rabbit ear bars, who wants some?


We figured it out.

We just sit back on the couch and let our girlfriends build our bikes for us.
Alexandrea grinding away.

Pan Motor I cleaned up for Doug.

Made some new displays

Been thinking about making these for a while now. Finally
Got around to getting them done.


And walla!

Just finished Jim's 53'. He is super excited about it. I think it turned out really classy. Prob. The nicest bike I have build yet. Nothing was left untouched. Original 53' frame motor Trans and tanks. Knuckle springer. Cherry! More pics to come. Thanks Jim!



Brendan has this 82' shovel forsale. email him at brendanconway@sbcglobal.net


Hoooooooly shit!

Why did I not think of this first! Wish I could have been part of that picture! Happy holidays from the Garage company gents


CMS kicker pedals!

I am selling these CMS pedals. Anyone interested email me at chprs4life@hotmail.com They come in two styles. Very cool colored plastic (red orange yellow green blue) and even cooler cast bronze and aluminum. The plastic pedals are NOS from the 50's and the cast metal pedals are re-pops from original CMS molds.


The Horse Issue #105 Cover Shoot!

I was offered a Cover shoot by Jordan over at the Horse. Here is the cover pic as well as some teaser shots. Make sure you go and grab one. 6 page layout! Jessica (model) & Eric Gorges (photographer) did a wonderful job. Thanks Jordan! You Rule!

Jordan has also started a blog for the Horse check it out here: http://www.thehorsebc.blogspot.com/

Cycle source year in review

Make sure u run out and snatch u up a copy. Hey! Why not a subscription?

Go Wil!

Pantasm (kinda wish we could have ridden that a little more than just a mile)



Ive got a 15" over sugar bear front end. It looks brand new and has the short rockers. Im looking for a 18" over springer front end. No Twisted legs and must have good chrome. Email me at codydavidson@sbcglobal.net if you are interested.

p.s. No it is not for sale.

The 53

The new Robert Aka Bobbie has started to take shape.



Apparently the knuck is not worthy of winning anything at an easyriders event.


Wudda u hav?

Made a pit stop last night to the famous varsity burger stand
In Atlanta


Coolest bikes at the show

Thanks to everyone. Especially Nicole and Jeremy for being such gracious hosts.

Cool shovel trike

Damn. Nice bike Seth

Seth again.