Always looking for vintage motorcycle parts and bikes, email me with what you are looking to get rid of. If I dont want it I may know someone who does. chprs4life@hotmail.com

1967 generator Shovelhead forsale!

Original frame, motor, tranny. Cool bike to fix up or chop. Clean title.

E-mail me for price and info. Chprs4life@hotmail.com

- JR -

Shed Party 2013

The Shed party was tight this weekend. I took 1 picture and I saw a ton of out of town friends and met some great people! I can't wait for our Show Class release party February 23rd! Everyone better be there!!

(Save these and post them everywhere!!)


People's Champ please vote!

Please vote bike number 10!! Bobby Good Times 46 knuck! Thank you!!!

Jerimiah Chicago

Most chopper guys used to skate


My boys over at Mkeskate have just finished putting together their 3rd? Maybe 4th video and I have a feeling this one is gonna be an absolute ripper! Get stoked and come to Milwaukee for the premiere, next Saturday January 19th, it's also the same day as The Shed party. So Milwaukee will be happening!

Also, Patrick Murphy is a ruler!

- Dusty

I said Hey baby, meet me Im a tough guy Got my cycle outside, you wanna try? She just looked at me and rolled them big eyes And said Ooh Id do anything for you cause youre a rocker

Got this seat company going with a buddy of mine. It's called Pierce Street Seat Co. "Seats for your butt and stuff" Holler at me, let us hook you up! piercestreetseatco@yahoo.com

Also tried to do some choppin today. It was chilly. Did some last night, it was great!

Show Class 'Milwaukee Issue' is gonna be a ruler! Cover art by Brett Stenson is incredible! You'll have to wait for the mag to be finished to see it! Or at least till Tim posts it on the blog......

Issue release party is February 23rd at The Valley in Milwaukee! Everyone is invited!


I wanted to ride my choppy today...

...it wasn't bitter cold out like it has been and the pan is all put together right now. But by the time I was done doing domestic work at the house and helping Bubbler Dan pick up a truck, so he can go to St Paul to pick up a shovel head from Steve The Dirt, it started snowing out. :,( Instead I've spent my evening making nachos, rooting for the packers to win this playoff game, and oogling over this Finland Panhead! I know nothing about it except that it is incredible!

We also tried to burn down The Valley yesterday. It was tight!



Early Morning Business Meetings

We've been spending A LOT of time buttoning up the Milwaukee Issue of Show Class Mag and its coming along BEAUTIFULLY! As some of you might know, our issue is going to be the first issue for when the mag grows in size! Twice as big ad before! So that means we're either gonna cram way more stuff into this issue or the pictures are going to be twice as big. (The latter being unfortunate for you, because you'll have a clearer view of our ugly faces) Anyway. I'm stoked, you should get stoked, and EVERYONE should come to the release party February 23rd! Flyers will be up ASAP just waiting on Hand of Doom (one of the most perfect Sabbath cover bands) to confirm!

Happy New Year!