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King Kustoms, Lombard il.

I'm sure you all know of our good friend Bobby The Leg from King Kustoms. Him and Bobby Good Times are in the process of getting together Good Times Knucklehead (The White Wizard) for the Born Free 5 Peoples Champ Contest....And if you haven't seen some of the photos you're missing out! Anyways Bobby is a very talented fabricator and bike builder, i go up there often but this time i happened to bring my film camera and take some photos of him and Sweet Babe doing some work on a customers frame. Also took some photos of Uncle Jimmy before i do some changes to it in the next couple weeks here. 

If you need ANY custom work, frame hard tailed, stretched raked De-raked,sissy bars, custom handle bars,makeover of your bike,motor work,trans work or a full build contact Bobby"THE LEG"Middleton at Kingkustoms13@yahoo.com or visit his blog here.www.kingkustoms.blogspot.com



 As a shop and true friends to each other at Bravetown we have had and endless amount of memories on Throop ave and it wasn't the best news when we were told we had to move out,so we decided to make one last memory with everyone we know and some we dont with booze,beer and strippers! I guess everything happens for a reason and now we are in a bigger and better shop and its time for new memories to be made. A lot of people don't understand what goes on out here in Chicago, and if you're not lucky enough to be let in for a glimpse you'll never understand how close of a family Bravetown is, how we do more then ride with each other and work on bikes together,we drink together, work together and fight side by side for one another,we are family and Im more then grateful to be a part of this little bike shop out here.So next time we have an open invite party try and make it a point to come, ask someone who's been to one, they will tell you its worth the drive in the cold.We cant thank everyone enough who showed up for the party and supported us, seriously thank you! And thank you so much Mark for shooting these photos! ENJOY!-JERIMIAH