Always looking for vintage motorcycle parts and bikes, email me with what you are looking to get rid of. If I dont want it I may know someone who does. chprs4life@hotmail.com

I need a few things for Uncle Jimmy

I'm looking for a 2 into 1 shovelhead exhaust that fits swing arm shovels with kicker. I think it's the one that wraps around the cone. Also a 21 inch front invader wheel and a solid back 16, preferably one without the rivets in it. If you got what I need and you want my money contact me here pgskater04@yahoo.com

Jerimiah Chicago


Uncle Jimmy's Face lift

Pretty much the same, Bacons rebuilding my motor from the bottom up, warren senior is doing my Trans and I'm changing the look a little bit. I look forward to this summer so much!

Jerimiah Chicago

Shed party 2012

What a blast caught up with a pile of people that i had missed! Always look forward to this party. Until next year! Did not take many Pics, but there are more all over the world wide web! Here is what I got.

- JR -

Rochester, Mn bike show

Making the trip to Rochester at the end of feb. if you are around those parts come and say hello ( preferably bearing a 30 pack). I have a feeling there will be lots of beer consumed.

- JR -

Please watch and support

Check this out. Mike Rowe (dirty jobs) with some very meaningful words. No joke. Please watch and support. We are headed towards idiocracy.


- JR -

Hot Summer Nights

So pumped on the new spot! Valley life has been great. (this new blogger app is shit! Cant caption photos or pick an order of posting. So here they are at random)

Valley Kids Reign!

Got my Panhead torn down, with a hand from a few of the boys and nearly ready to holler at Sr for a rebuild!

Milwaukee is pretty pumped for the Packers game tomorrow! And so is my old lady! 49ers game was pretty rad today! Grew up on those guys, so my hometown blood went into effect for that one!

Random Sasha Grey photo for those as obsessed as I am!!

If anyone has any advice for how to work this fucking app it'd be greatly appreciated!


Donny Skunk hosts: The Valley's 1st annual pocket pool party

Last Saturday was a night to remember! We had our break in party/ pool tournament, as a sort of "fundraiser" for the loft we are building at The Valley. It was insane. I'll let the pictures tell the story!

Big thanks to everyone who came! Congratulations to team
1 on the bottle
1 on the throttle
Thanks to lukemphoto.smugmug.com
Hope to see everyone out there somewhere very soon!