Always looking for vintage motorcycle parts and bikes, email me with what you are looking to get rid of. If I dont want it I may know someone who does. chprs4life@hotmail.com

Must see!

If u can only make one trip this year. Make it this one! Come have a beer or 7 with me. Who knows maybe we will end up doing donuts on the shovel with me riding bitch? Weirder things have happened.


- JR -


We all will be banching!

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New toy

My dad found a lead on a free lathe. Just happened to be a nice south bend and the perfect size for our shop. Thanks dad.

Now I need to hit up josh's dad for some accessories. Where would we be without our fathers?



Rebuilt my front end and got my bike back on two wheels.

- Cody

Brads shovelhead

My friend, roomate, shop mate and lover finished his motor and dropped it in his frame today. Watch the fuck out!

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Stick and poke.

So the new tradition at our shop which isn't so new is get stick and poke tattoos when we are all fucked up. Im pretty sure we only have one rule when geting tattooed in the shop and that is you have to be touching a bike when you are geting poked. Tonight was my first time geting stick and poked and geting something from my great friend kyle who is actually an amazing tattoo artist in real life. We have a lot of talented tattoo artist friends that love nothing more then to fill our stupid bodys with used ink thats laying in beer cans and full of grease. Granted they come out awesome sometimes and other times not so much, it's all about living in the moment. Like tonight when rob thought he heard 15 and 8 were the the letters of R/E (Rotten Eagles) If he took 5 seconds and counted it out he might figure out that's the letters of O/H, which is still prettty bad ass but isn't anywhere close to what he wanted. But, being as awesome as we are we decided to figure out if that was right after robs stick and poke was done. Nope! Being the good sport Kyle is he let us have a poke on him and decided to get O/H as well. Lucky for me I went first and only got the shop address which you really can't fuck up unless.... Well yea. Not to self, don't update the blog drunk. Goodnightmornkng.

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So I'm a sucker..

... For old Easyriders and David Mann posters. I'm moving into my new room at the house and I'm trying to create The Wall Of Mann. Anybody wanna help me out?

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Original chopper sheet metal. Peanut or Wassel tank and fender to match. The more fucked up and tripped out the paint the better! It's for my buddy Ryan Nolans knuckle project. Send photos and titie shots to rnolan325@gmail.com

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photo by Luke M.


Daytona part 4!

Well the day of the Willies Tropical Tattoo show was pretty amazing. Roadside marty who i have never met before can really rip someone the fuck apart with some verbal abuse and i pretty much decided hes my favorite person. The show was amazing, lots of cool bikes, some really lame bikes, fucked up critter tits, lots of beers and watching my friends win shit because they rule. I think nick got best in show, ryan got white trash award for his panhead, spencer got best shovel and our Atlantic friend kendal won best triumph! If youre ever down for bike week that is the show to go to, amazing time! Party photos coming soon..