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Warren Heir Jr // Show Class Mag // Inner View

This is a treat for everyone, Warren Heir Jr is the king of nice guys, he's the kind of guy that knows exactly how much fun it is to ride a motorcycle across country and back and all he wants is for everyone to experience as much as he has. So much in fact, that he's the type of guy that if you were to set out on a trip with him and your bike broke down (beyond fixing) and this was your first trip, he would unpack his bags from his bike and pack yours in their place and send you on your way, so you too can realize the ultimate power of the road.

In all of the hours and miles I've spent with Warren he's never said a bad thing about anyone, or complained about anything, or cried about something going wrong. So here's your chance to either hear a good story or get some good advice or borrow a bike, because the Milwaukee issues Inner View is with Warren Jr! So if we can get him out of the Inner City where he's most likely eating chicken and waffles, post a comment and ask him something. Just don't bring up rockabilly chicks...because as passionate as he is about his love for everything, he's equally passionate about his hate for them.

So go to www.showclassmag.com and leave a question!


You can't see the lines can ya Russ?

I had a very Kevin Mccallister Christmas. I hope everyone else's was better than mine. But I did get to be the sidecar to my brother and his girlfriends chopper today as the three of us went and saw Django. It was great. Go see it.

In other news. The Milwaukee Issue // of Show Class is coming along perfectly. And I hope everyone is stoked. We will be having a party celebrating the release at The Valley February 23rd everyone is invited!! Bring money. We will be slanging issues, Luke Mouradian will be slanging candid photos, and I'm gonna try and get Jake Cooper to slang cheapie MKE tattoos! Come one come all! Here's a sneak peak!

//chopper shit

Show Class Mag // People's Choice // Side Bets

There seems to be a new battle arising out of the dust at Show Class headquarters and through the interwebulas. It's looking like a three way rumble between DS Tim, MD Geist, and Jerimiah Smith. It's safe to say that I've got my money on Miah if anyone's looking to take my bet? I feel like its Tim's contest again and he can't really win his own contest (can he?). Geist is wildly outnumbered and doesn't even have enough balls to unveil his true identity, unless maybe he's on some Clark Kent superman shit? Who knows? But with the line "I'm not acting tough, I am tough" how can you NOT put all your money on our local hero 'JERIMIAH SMITH'?!


Hey Noot!!! And everyone!

Noot I don't have your number, please come to our party this Saturday. Get a hold of me! Everyone else, show up, have fun, be respectful or pay the price. Let's party! This is our last party at this shop, we have had a lot of great times there, let's say goodbye with a bang!!

Jerimiah Chicago

1952 Panhead

Newest build. Just finished. Chasis came from Dennis over at slave made. Kendal Brought the paint back to life. Tins were originally painted in the early 70's by SMMS-San Marcos motorcycle supply in Texas. VL front end, star hubs front and rear, coffin tail light, narrow t-bars, custom jockey handle, electric franks regulator, nice old Italian bates knock off seat and cool old superior exhaust with old tips.

- JR -

Come support!

Jerimiah Chicago

Location:Cobra lounge chicago il

Schedule of upcoming events

I'm playing a show in northern Illinois Chicago area that I know nothing about November 30th. That'll be tight.

Turbo and Brad's benefit is December 1st.

The Bravetown party is December 8th.

The world is ending December 21st.

Brandon's birthday is February 3rd. Mine is February 13th.

The Milwaukee Issue Show Class release party is February 16th which is also Cody's birthday.

I'm doing a Nun-Run in April. Revenge Run is in May and so is Ramble Tamble. Born Free and The Apocalypse Run are in June. Full Tilt I believe is in July.

Hood Bush 2.5 will be July 27th! If I forgot anything. Oh well. Tell me and I'll be there.



This past weekend was great. Reece "Instagram Famous' 'Slim Reaper", Justin (Dustin), and myself took a long weekend trip to North Carolina with the Death Science / Show Class headquarters as our destination. Slim was in search of a young lady named Jenny hoping to score a 69. But instead he stole all of Tim's money and spent it on cherries at the local farmers market. I crashed a little kids dirtbike doing a one footed wheelie and Justin stared in the newest episode of The Walking Dead and narrowly avoided become a walker with death by lesbizombie. DSMatt decided he didn't want to meet me so he headed to the sunshine state to hide indoors and jaque hoff to foot and dually fetish pornos. DSJason kik'd his life away and gave away a truck full of ironhead parts. Chad wasn't as much of a bro as you would expect a 'Chad' would be. But that guy sure does hate Harleys. Wes and Nathan make a super cute couple and I wish them lots of luck on the same sex marriage. Tim...is a ruler.. He's got a hot wife, the best kids, a bitchin house with bitchin pets, runs the coolest mag, and has the coolest bikes.... Best host! ...thanks so much Tim! I can't wait till we build the choppy compound there and work for you when Show Class blows up.....