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Our trip south to see The Haints!

     So the story goes i had my vacation week from work planned on the same week as my birthday which was nice cause it fell on a tuesday this year and nobody wants to work on their birthday. As i was sitting on my forklift at work hating life trying to decide what the fuck i was going to do in the middle of March in this shitty winter wonderland we live in i decided to text Nick Resty and see if i couldnt come down and stay with him and his wife, he responded very quick with "well looks like we are throwing you and Laci a birthday party!!" So fuck it was already looking good, i then texted my lady to see if she wanted to come along for the ride, i mean fuck, if she could hang with the Haints on there own turf then she is a keeper with out a doubt, a true test of will and patience if you must.
  You had to be there for the details but some of the highlights were eating some of the most amazing food thanks to Jbody and Taichi, Jbody is an amazing chef at a southern BBQ joint and Taichi was literally brought here from Japan because of his master sushi skills. i really cant thank you both enough for hooking us up so hard, seriously amazing! Other great times included me going out with Danny Dean on dirt bikes for hours killing trails in the backwoods, havent had that much fun in a long time thanks so much Danny. Got to ride choppers with all the boys thanks to Nick, sorry about your ankle Meeks! Had an amazing birthday party saturday night where i was showered with Moonshine and cool gifts from Brunson,Bowles and a few other dudes, you guys rule. So ill shut up now heres a bunch of random images shot while i was down there, my first film shot since about 2006, shit was fun. Also huge thanks to Nick and Laci for letting us crash at there house the whole time, Stef and i got some stuff coming your way very soon. Thank you Haints for the memories! -JERIMIAH

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  1. I'll comment on the XLCH - " Fuckin' Aye Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "