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Ahhhhh! Road trips, love them.

First ride of the year last year Cody, Donuts and I found ourselves on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere (western Illinois), with Cody's bike giving us a run for our money. Another roadside savior in the form of a guy in a truck stopped buy with the part that we needed. Who new that being broke down on the road would allow people to see past the dirty scummy exterior of a few bikers and reach out to help. It never fails. This years country mile was a perfect example of this. On at least four occasions we were in need and ended up being rescued every time. One instance was 4 speed clutch plates, another being ironhead intake seals. Weird. Thanks to all of the people who find a warm spot in there heart for the guy on the side of the road. I know that I never pass without an acknowledgement that whomever is on the side of the road is ok or not before riding by. Keep an eye out. Remember that, that WILL be you someday, don't matter how good your bike runs, YOU WILL END UP ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD.

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