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The kid has large dreams!

I told you that Cody has caught the bug. Here he sits on his newly aquired rolling chasis, as Bacon looks on. Scored the springer from Chico over at http://blacktopsquadron.blogspot.com and I had the frame. Chop on sir!


  1. looks good man.
    i'm glad it went to a good home.
    if you ever decide to get rid of it...lol!
    give me a ring. was out of town.

  2. Weird...... They call me kid..... I have a long narrow springer..... I have a King/queen seat....... I have a frisco mounted tank..... I have those exact same bars..... and I have a beard. I guess I'm just like all those faggots in the early seventies.

  3. Join the ranks mr Kurpius. It's all been done sir.

  4. saw that comment coming from a mile away. our bikes are still very different josh. dont worry.

  5. Cody:
    saw you called while i was out of town.
    can't find your number.
    give me a ring.

  6. Eugene..... Stay out of this.... Don't make me kick your ass....