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Teach on the 1947 knuck and Kid Kurpius on the iron Long Chop gettin hot on the dirt

I can tell you one thing, Teach is not shy about getting dirty with the knuck. I have been halfway across the country with the guy a few times. Props Kid needs a little more practice, but gave it a valliant effort. You should see this bike in action for yourself. You would freak seeing how he rides it.


  1. Come on! I was up against a BMW with a side car and a new Triumph! I'm on an oil burning 77 ironhead that's 3 inches wide by 10 feet long with 6 inch wide bars...... Fuck! Hey..... I didn't lose to a horse... hehehe.

  2. Sorry Kid, I just call it like I see it! Give me a couple more shots at that horse, I would have taken her down!