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More Sturgis Shots

The Kid in action
Cool little school house

Self protrait

Best road of the week

Still "burnt" into my mind

Stupid Sexy Ferguson

Tagging up the Stripper truck

My man Ryan from SD

Saw this guy at the gas station, on the road, setup! Bitchin bike

My lady
Gay pose, whats with the toe piont?

The "kid" out from behind the lens
Wake $

Wainting for the Hail storm to pass
Big Ben driving the big rig through the bar
Sugar Bear in an interesting position
Mr. Pearson
Jay from MN
New addition to the family, Livin Large
I had such a good time in Sturgis, one of the best times of my life. If you have never made the trip, do not trust the rumors. Check it out for yourself.

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