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Sturgis 2009

Well, what can I say about sturgis? I guess I could ramble on about how there are to many credit card bagger riders, but to be honest with you if you know the ins and outs and hang out the caliber of people who congregate at the Limp Nickie lot, than baggers are the furthest things from your mind. I can honestly say that I had one of the best time of my life this year in Sturgis! As some of you know I have faired a lot worse in others years. One year in particular when I lost one of the coolest guys I knew to a drunk wielding a knife. I know that Frank is out there and he would have been proud of us this year! R.I.P. Frank! So I left on an aw some Thursday afternoon rolling solo. Have not rode solo for any distance in a while. Had a great time! Took my own route at my own pace. A little soul searching. Dodged clouds all day was rained on four or five time with just enough time in between to completely dry off. Did not bother me one bit. Have to roll with the punches when you are exposed to the elements. Made it to Teach's house well before dark. Let the drinking begin! Dont have any pics of my visit to the Baas residence, but I assure you we had a good time. With the boys running circles arounds on there power wheels to Kevins dog doing the 2 step due to one to many PBR's. Good shit!

Left Kevins in the morning headed to Aberdeen South Dakota. Carl's Cycle service or bust. Had a great ride out. Awesome weather, had one little stretch of hail, but hey we were in the plains. I dont know if I can explain the weather out there. Guess you will have to experience it yourself. Good-Luck. All I can say is do not take the thunder storms to lightly. After watching the shovel get pummeled by hail for a while. We decided to motor on. Made it to Matt and Carls by the end of the day. Another good ride. Total of about 700 miles so far.

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  1. i`ve seen so many photos of your group....... very tight pack of riders. will says good things about you all. i gotta get out there one summer. change is good.