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Carl and Matt's

Showed up at Carl's and were immediately put to work. The catch was that were put to work on rare and very expensive knuckle and panheads. Pretty cool! Speaking of cool, Carl is has a lot of history under his belt and it was an honor to work and ride with him. He set me up with a clutch and a new "speed slip" and he referred to it. Carl has passed his love of motorcycles, Knuckleheads in particular to his son Matt. Another top notch guy. Very smart and generous. He let Stacy and I take a ride on his 1936 Knuckle! Holy shit! One of the rarest motorcycles in the world. Not a prob. I was honored. As we were getting ready to roll out, Carl would head to the "other garage" as if the two other were not enough to get what turned out to be two original paint Knuckleheads (2 of 4), his girl Ruby and one other knuck in order to ride them out to Sturgis. Ended up leaving with 5 knucks that day. The man, the myth the legend Chris Callen showed up with Ross (Kiwi Mikes Son). Good to see those guys. Chris was cheery as always on his demo ride from the factory. Perks of owning a bitchin rag. Ross (all of 15 years old) was close in tow on his very nice indian him and his dad put together. I think I made it to about 3 am, the other guys were out there till about 4. Time flys when you are having fun. Kevin scored some original 47' chrome knuck tanks as well as a dash and a lesson on how to install new style points on a knuckle from the master himself. Carl, Matt and Deb were very gracious hosts and I will defiantly be back there soon.. Thanks guys!

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  1. I see in the last photo that Carl has No.1 Harley tool ready.