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Let the mayhem begin!

Hooked up Mr. Finch at Colleens Gallery Night. Drank a little too much Bubbly. Had a great time. Ron is a cool dude. Gave him a half link so he could stretch the indians legs a little bit.
Teach out on the class bike making Sugar Bear proud.

The mini bikes were a big hit. Hot laps through the bar make for an interesting night.

Could not pass up the opportunity to take my lovely gal for a spin.

I have done a little partying in my day, but when you get to Sturgis and the Broken Spoke, party becomes a way of life. Ride during the day, recover at night then when bar close hits the real party begins. The weird thing is that even though you say "I will never do that again", you always end up doing the same thing all over again. Not sure if it is the atmosphere or if it is the combination of good people wanting to have a good time mixed with a venue that will let you do what ever you want. Jay Allen is a righteous dude. If you ever get a chance to grab him and rattle his brain, DO IT! A wealth of knowledge as well as a top notch dude. Really into the young guys "Bringing it Back" We get along great.

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