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Daytona part 3-

This was a pretty awesome day, i think it was wednesday morning we woke up and took our first ride over the bridge. Didnt really know where we were going but ended up at this sweet hotel right on the beach for some french magazine shoot or something. All i knew was i had free food and beer handed to me so i was happy. After making art on the beach we headed back to "camp" to find two winners modeling infront of our tents, they were so cool i just had to take a photo with them. After hanging in the limp nickie lot and raging in the led sled trailer we decided to test our fate at a local watering hole that night. So about ten of us show up to this sketchy little bar which actually has an awesome feel to it when we first roll up. The bartenders are actually strippers and when you tip them they will get up on the bar and "dance". After a few shots,shots,shotshotshots off some sketchy tits we are all feeling pretty awesome, until..... Purple cracked out hooker shows up. This thing was all over the place, talking shit left and right and wanted to challenge all of us about our manhood. Well she took it a little to far when she punched warren in the back of the head and i had had about enough so i let her know whos boss with a hefty shuv. Not 1 second later i was getting swung on by this thing and defending my honor while my friends laughed at me. After throwing him/her on the floor a few times and it ripped off my shirt it got broke up by one of the locals. By the time we had collected our wits the thing was now taking photos of us, didnt really think much of it until she told she was an ol lady with a few of the good ol boys right across the street. After the bouncer confirmed that we decided to bounce outta there before the rest of our trip was cut short. Thank god for matty cause he swooped us up like a good ol boy himself and brought us back to camp. Lucky for us we found roko and crazy frank in one piece wasted talking about there amazing day. Cody and i spent a few hours with Kendall puting a fresh boot on his preunit that he had been trying to get kicked over for hours. We got that bitch started and headed to bed!

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  1. I said it then and im sayin it again. That thing in purple is a DUDE! I am the only one who could tell? God I wish someone had went home with him thinking he was a woman.