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Daytona Part 2

After 20 insane hours of driving i hadnt slept one wink. We rolled into town tuesday night and decided to stop at a Walmart to get some things for camp. As cody and i were critter watching this FUCKED UP stripper came up to us in an aisle and asked us "are you going to watch me dance tonight?" Cody and i must have beensleep deprived because we said yes, only after she told us BJ'S were $40, not that we would get them but this place must have been pretty sketchy if she was offering. After that madness we rolled over to the Limp Nickie Lot unloaded the bikes,set up camp givde big hugs to our buddys The Haints and cody and decided to test out our machines. It felt pretty amazing to be on a bike after this long winter out here in chicago, as for cody he was having a grand time taking the panhead him and warren built for its maiden voyage. After doing a few wheelies we headed back to camp to party with our friends. ds.ds.
After a few beers we decided to go see our queen of the critters at Diamond Dolls. About 10 of us rode over there and i wish i could have taken photos inside this place, it was everything we imagined from the second she told us about it from that Walmart camping aisle. We were bummned to find out that she wasnt working there anymore and only got fired hours before because she stole another strippers flat iron. Oh well, so on the bikes we went and headed back to camp for some more boozing. More photos to come.

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