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Milwaukee Choppy Boys bound for Bravetown

This past weekend 4 of us from Milwaukee (Cody, Dan, Ralph, and myself) packed skateboards onto our bikes (well me on Ralph's ironhead) and headed to meet up with the boys from Bravetown for some skateboarding and some trouble making. Needless to say, it was a blast. I won't get into all of the fun we had, but I will share on of the wildest stories that I've ever been a part of...and a handful of shitty iPhone photos.

Ok! So about 10 of us take off from the shop, Shawn leading, with Jay, myself, Ryan, Eugene, Ralph, Mark, Jeremiah, Cody, and Steve, headed out for a ride to take advantage of the incredible weather. We were jamming here and jamming there, but it was on Lake Dr that it got real interesting. We were in the far left lane with Shawn (Sean?) leading, he looks to his right to make sure the lane was free and safe to change into, and I do the same, as I'm directly behind him, all clear through my eyes and all clear through his, he makes his move and merges over, just as he does I hear this roar of what sounded like a NASCAR screaming by and I look over to see a bright yellow corvette fly by going 80+mph directly into where Shawn was merging, and they collided throttle side of the bike to drivers side of the vette and somehow locked together for what felt like forever but was probably like 2 seconds, the vette locked up it's wheels and I thought to myself "this is it" and being the one directly behind him braced myself for the collision, and they disappeared into a cloud of smoke, as I cleared the smoke I rode out to the greatest sight ever! Somehow Shawn managed to peel himself off of the car and find his way back into our lane with nothing more than a sore leg and a story. The vette started to take off so Shawn flipped him the bird then the vette must have wised up, because he slowed down to make sure Shawn was alright, Shawn gave him a thumbs up and the vette disappeared into the traffic and we continued on our adventure through Chicago. Amazing.


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