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another one bites the dust.

Ive been seeing too many posts like this lately, it really sucks to see. Alex got taken out on his shovel. He is ok but has a broken ankle and collar bone. His spirits have been high and he's been hobbling around with us still to keep his sanity. Tony bag of donutts took a spill last week too. He is also alright but made need to get his hand fixed. Wish these guys the best of luck and watch out for those cars.



  1. Whoa... sorry to hear about another man getting takin out but i gotta ask why you americans like running with no front brakes... I love my twin disc frontend in city traffic..... Cos i just dont trust those a--holes in their cars talkin on their phones and not effin looking out for guys like us

  2. well i can't answer for everyone but after i was hit i now run a front brake. tony as well. just depends if you get hit hard enough to learn a lesson.

  3. Always hate to hear about a downed rider but glad he got through it with just a couple breaks. That bike looks like it was quite a hit.