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My vacation week part 2.

...So from Josh's house to Millwakuee it's about 100 miles, my plan was to make it to Codys shop before this giant storm hit that was right over my head. Lucky for me riding with Josh the past few days helped lite a spark under my ass and I realized uncle Jimmy was able to rip pretty fast. I haven't done a hell of a lot of riding by myself really, and not like I did this last week either but I did do a couple hundred miles solo and it was awesome. Riding with your buddies is cool cause usually there's a route, someone to talk to at a gas stop and someone to push you to ride harder. On that 100 mile stretch it was awesome just cause I could go as fast as I wanted, split lanes and ride like a tool cause the only one I'm endangering is myself. Or other cars but fuck them anyways.
I ride up to Cody And the boys garage spot to them chilling on the coach drinking beers, whew! I made it! Not even 10 mins later it starts dumping rain. Cody offers up some beers and some food to grill that I jumped all over cause I was broke as shit. Later that night Warren joined us at the shop and from there we hit a couple bars. Side note I love drinking with Warren cause even though he's older then me I ALMOST feel like the responsible one of the group, then I realize Codys there so I say fuck it And try and catch up to Warren. After we closed out the bar we headed back to Codys wonderful girlfriends house and did some more drinking. When we started heckling the cops two stories below us arresting someone for a DUI we realized that was a night. Although Warren was talking about the "Rager on Oakland ave". The next two days were spent doing a little bit of riding, making new friends,parts hunting for dustins panhead, seeing milwaukee mike, watching warren go fast on his race bike and hanging in the garage. When I went to leave Friday I found myself racing down 94 towards Chicago trying to stay ahead of the rain yet again. Thank you Emily, Cody, Dustin,Justin, nate,dayna,steve,Warren,Colleen, and everybody else for the good times.

- Jerimiah

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