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My vacation week part 1

This last week was my vacation, and at first I was pretty bummed cause I took this week off to go to the Isle Of Man and watch the TT Races with Jeff Wright and some of the boys, but wasn't able to make it do to money issues. With that trip out of the cards I figured I'd put my bike to the test and do a bunch of riding around the Midwest.
My first little leg was out to Josh Kurpius's pops house about an hour west of Chicago deep in the farm lands. I'd never been to his dads house before and when I got about 20 mins away I pulled over and got the rest of the directions. It was seriously like take a left at this barn, take a right at this tree etc. Well at least that's what it felt like, but I made it there none the less. Josh ended up helping me out with some welding on my gas tanks I needed and from there we went to his moms house about 30 mins away. For those of you that have ridden with Josh you know how fast that mother fucker likes to ride, and for those of you that haven't you really can't imagine. I fell behind on one leg of this dirt road cause my bike was having trouble going into 4th and when I caught up to him at the next stop sign he says " Try and keep close, the deer always takes out the second dude " Rad.. Pitch black thru corn fields and over country roads going 80mph not knowing if there's a fucking tractor over the other side of the hill or a cow. But fuck it, Josh is my buddy and I trust him so im right next to him the whole time.
The plan for the next day was to do some riding around some state parks and possibly shoot my bike. After getting some food down in Cherry Valley we headed out for some riding. The weather was kinda shit, overcast and the chance of rain was real high. But that sure as hell didn't stop us from putting on some miles, we went to a couple state parks, pussed out riding thru a river and had some chill time while Joshs oil cooled down for his hydraulic lifters that were giving him shit. It's was the perfect start to my vacation, had a great time and got to hang with a buddy I don't see as much as I should. Later that night he pointed me in the direction to Millwakuee and I was hammered down trying to beat the storm. But that's another story.

- Jerimiah.

Location:Cherry Valley

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