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Im Back...

Hey guys first of all I would like to thank all the people that came to visit me in the hospital and all the people the bought a JR's shirt or donated money. It really did help a lot, I just started working a new job right before the accident so I only had one paycheck under my belt. Thanks to you guys, I'm not behind on my bills.

I was only able to ride the pan a total of 3 times and now it needs to be rebuilt. I really liked the way it turned out the first time so I'm going to rebuild it pretty much exactly the same.

I still cant walk for at least another 3 months but netflix, my guitar, and old chopper magazines are keeping me sane.

Thanks again guys, ride safe, enjoy the weather while we still have it, and lets ride next year.



  1. Anything you need brother let me know.

  2. take it easy and heal up nice. crashing (and everything that goes with it) sucks.