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Cody went down

Female cager turned in front of him this afternoon. Recieved a call from the paramedics to grab his bike. What the fuck! Poor guy. Just a couple days after finishing his bike. Give the kid a break. The fish over at HOTW and now cody. Have not seen him yet. Heard he broke his leg in multiple places and is in surgery.

I am going to sell my shirts and hats to raise some money for him. He will be laid up for a bit. I will donate 100% of whatever i sell until they are gone. Buy one, two or even three. $20 shipped. Or if you just want to send over some cash to help a brother out feel free. Paypal @ chprs4life@hotmail.com

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  1. This sucks! I am fucking TIRED of reading about this shit so much lately. I don't know Cody, but that bike is sweet! Make sure people call him and visit during recovery. You'd be surprised how much he'll need it.

  2. Shitballs!
    Met Cody on the way to Born Free. Picked him up in SLC and dropped him in Cali. Solid kid.
    Good vibes heading your way from Canada man.
    You`ll be back up with your knees in the breeze and your tassles hassle free in no time.

  3. Fuck! Get better soon. Warren, fix his bike.

  4. Son of a bitch! Have to come up and visit him before I head out.

  5. Man o man...let's hope for a swift recovery & hefty settlement...there must be something in the air lately.

  6. damn cody thinkin about ya man...