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The New Panhead!

Short Block
Someone else is in lovewith the same woman

The heart
The start
Bacon and I have teamed up on a new build. We have been working on it since he moved to Milwaukee. Progress has been pretty steady. 1958 Panhead motor, 4-speed ratchet top, 51' straight leg frame (Window Pane neck) mild rake. Bacon re-built the motor and trans. Doug and Andy painted it. I am falling in love. Motor is done, trans is done. Paint is done. Just need a few odds and ends. Should be riding it in a week or so. We will keep you posted.


  1. Nice looking pan, that will be a beauty when all done for sure

  2. Can wait to see the finished product. Looking bitching already.

  3. I wouldn't expect anything less from you two..another masterpiece!!!

  4. Dan! Tell him Cindy says Hi.. met him at the Smokeout in AZ.