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Brandon, Luke, Dan, and myself headed for Chicago Thursday night, not too long after my clutch fell off. Brandon rode home to get the truck, Luke and Dan partied on, and I camped in a construction site in what had to be the worst sleeping bag ever, high 20 degree wind blowing through it for 4 hours...it didn't help that I was still soaked from the first half of the ride. After Brandon picked me up and we slept the night/early morning off. We woke up, I waited at The Valley for hours for someone to help me unload my bike. Fixed it all up thanks to an important part from Warren, then Brandon and myself headed out early Saturday morning with the bikes loaded in the truck cause that was the only sure fire way we'd make time. It was the shortest drive of my life and one of the best rainiest weekends! We drove a total of 14 hours to a motorcycle event where we rode a total of 20 blocks at most. It was a blast! Derek and Ivan are legendary hosts! And I'm so stoked on all the new people I got to meet! One of these years I WILL ride all the way to Louisville!

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  1. I am stoked on your positivity.

  2. I'm in it fr the adventure! Figure I'm still alive to tell the story, so it had to have been a good time!

  3. Your Blog is always a great read! Great info and good fun...