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Mount Salem // Final Valley Party

This Saturday we had Mount Salem join us for a night of music joined with Vulture Radio and Outside, on their tour bound for Bacon's! It was a great time. Gave us the push we needed to clean and organize the shop, and finally got those Bravetown boys (and some girls) back up for night of weird. If you weren't there you definitely missed out! A few highlights were, good rock n roll, Ralph blowing up his entire bike doing a burnout into second gear without his tire ever breaking loose, lots of soap drinking, me doing a burnout accompanied by chopper famous Luke Walters in his stylish Swazi cape, chicks dumping out for as long as Nate Powers drank the vodka, stunt powder mixed with metal shavings, the antics of BGT, Z, Kurp, Miah, and Walters, d00dz without shirts on, and Miah almost beating up the bassist for Ralph's band, Moon Curse air guitaring the entire Mount Salem set, and butts butts butts. All in all it was a good time!


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