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Our Road Trip Down South: Nashville Tn. March 12th

  SO i havent shot film photos since about 2006, this is my second roll since then so i apologize for the quality of these photos but fuck you anyways...

   I was lucky enough to be surrounded by some of my favorite people on my birthday, Nick, Laci, J-body and my wonderful lady Stef. The weekend before my birthday was spent in Birmingham parting way to hard but ill post photos of that later.
   Nick Laci and Jbody drove up in Nicks car cause they were only staying one night. We went to a cool little bar called Santa's thats in a double wide trailer and is christmas themed where i got my ass spanked in pool by some dungeons and dragons looking mother fucker, went to a really sketchy strip club in which one of the dancers was for sure a man at one point and time, went to some thrift stores, record shops and antique malls and laughed way too hard the entire time. The next day we got breakfast and they split back to Alabama hopefully in time for jbody to still have a job.
  The next few days Stef and i continued our exploring by going to a plantation with a confederate cemetery attached to the property from the great battle of Franklin was fought where thousands were killed in just a matter of hours or something i dont know i fell asleep during the video im sorry... But it was rad. I scored some cool saddle bags,shirts,rings,Harley books,hats and plenty of other stuff i didnt need from more and more antique stores.All in all it was a wonderful birthday and i cant thank nick,laci,stef and jbody enough for making it so awesome. Love you all! -JERIMIAH

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