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Warren Heir Jr // Show Class Mag // Inner View

This is a treat for everyone, Warren Heir Jr is the king of nice guys, he's the kind of guy that knows exactly how much fun it is to ride a motorcycle across country and back and all he wants is for everyone to experience as much as he has. So much in fact, that he's the type of guy that if you were to set out on a trip with him and your bike broke down (beyond fixing) and this was your first trip, he would unpack his bags from his bike and pack yours in their place and send you on your way, so you too can realize the ultimate power of the road.

In all of the hours and miles I've spent with Warren he's never said a bad thing about anyone, or complained about anything, or cried about something going wrong. So here's your chance to either hear a good story or get some good advice or borrow a bike, because the Milwaukee issues Inner View is with Warren Jr! So if we can get him out of the Inner City where he's most likely eating chicken and waffles, post a comment and ask him something. Just don't bring up rockabilly chicks...because as passionate as he is about his love for everything, he's equally passionate about his hate for them.

So go to www.showclassmag.com and leave a question!


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