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Barber or Bust!

Well, we made it! I say we, because I had a ton of help from all my wonderful friends and sponsors.  I cannot thank them all enough for dropping everything to help me finish this bike.  Came down to the wire like all these deadline builds.  But this one meant the most because I was able to actually race this bike on a World re noun race track.  What a great place to break in a new race bike.  could not have planned it any better,  Even though I did not show very well in the standings (8 of 10, 6 of 8) I was not last and the bike did not fail me.  I was able to finish both races as well as a complete day of practice.  For a brand new bike I find that to be the largest achievement.  It is hard enough to get a new chopper ready for the road.  But to get a 65 year old bike ready for the track is a whole-nother ball game.  Especially when you have no idea what to expect. 
I need to mention a few people who helped out with this venture.  Whether it be with parts or services, I could not have made it with out them.  Where do I start?  How about with Pat Leahman of Rochester Harley Davidson (http://donorcycles.blogspot.com/) he helped out a ton when it came to the motor.  As well as Noot (http://donorcycles.blogspot.com/) he did set up the lower end. Biltwell (http://www.biltwellinc.com/) Ralph's Racing (Transmission Help),Art Farley (Fellow Racer), Moonlight Cycles, Rick Thompson (linkert Carb rebuild), Bare Knuckle Choppers, Warren's Cycle (Love you Dad!  http://www.warrenscycle.com/), Front Street, Kendal's Kustoms (http://ourmysterymachines.blogspot.com/), Show Class Magazine (http://www.showclassmag.com/), Death Science (Fingers), Altered Ego Upholstery, Bob Sunday (fellow Racer), All the Valley Kids! (They helped a ton hear and there Mainly Dustin, Justin and Brandon), Little Chris & Sarah, Ben, Matt, Colleen and everyone else at the shop.  And last but not least my lovely fiance Stacy.  Without here moral support and understanding I sure as hell would not be here.  Because if you know me, if she is not happy then I am not happy.  Love you sweetheart! 
The Barber weekend was fantastic.  We were greeted with open arms.  Bob Sunday, Art Farley, Kyle Corser and their support crew saved us a spot in the pits right next to all the action.  Provided us with power for the camper and helped us with what ever we needed.  In all forms and Fashions.  : ) Thanks guys and gals!  Until next time!
I still have a ton to do.  Learned a lot while out on the track, when it comes to how the bike needs to be setup.  If I can get that all worked out and get comfortable I think I will be able to chase down those leaders.   But  until then I will have to hang at the back of the pack.  I will keep everyone posted.  Thanks again!  If anyone has any input or know anyone with old Harley WR race parts please feel free to speak up or pass the info along.  Much appreciated! 
Warren Jr.

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