Always looking for vintage motorcycle parts and bikes, email me with what you are looking to get rid of. If I dont want it I may know someone who does. chprs4life@hotmail.com


Get excited!! We also just added LOWBROW Customs and New Frontier as sponsors! So all the giveaways and prizes are going make the trip worth it, as if the party weren't! This is going to be insane!

Also, if anyone wants to come out the Thursday before the party we are all riding to the Racine County Fair to see the motor city madman TED NUGENT! I have off work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. So if anyone wants to come out early and lose their minds with me for a week get ahold of me,
262-506-8466 I've got plenty of places to stay and plenty of things to do. Not to mention The Haints boys should be out and about causing trouble with me fairly early as well! I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces!

We also got to see Warren race yesterday! Those little bikes mean serious business!!! I didn't catch how he placed in the second race but he took 2nd in the first race! DATS WUTS UP!


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  1. Daz waz uuuuuuup. P.S. Can't make it. Will be in Japan but my warmest thoughts will be with you.