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1976 Comet sleeper!

Our buddy bob just acquired a super cool comet these cars were written off, for good reason. Lack of styling and no horsepower. Well this car has broken the stigma may still be lacking in the visual department but this thing is gonna blow some doors off! Definition of a sleeper!

This was taken from bang shift online magazine. "The gray paint, called Dove Gray by the factory, virtually forces you to look for something more interesting to see, the poverty caps on all four corners kind of detract from those meaty rear tires, the little 306ci small block Ford motor is packing a Weiand mini-blower making 6psi of boost, then there's the 100hp shot of juice on top of that!

The motor seems to have been built by a true BangShifter featuring a 1993 Cobra crankshaft and 1970 Windsor heads that have been ported/polished and filled with 1.94in Chevy intake valves. The motor is backed by an AOD transmission that has a manual valve body and a 3,000 rpm converter. In the back it is a 9" Ford rear-end and 4.30 gears"


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