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New shop

Well we moved into our new shop. Its Myself, Dustin, Brandon, Alex, and Nate.
Its small, its clean, its homey. All the work benches went up this week and we should be finishing the electrical by next week. Everyone has been plugging away and its really starting to shape up.

With all the work getting the shop ready the bikes have been a little neglected, but we finally had some time to play motorcycle last night and we threw this thing together in about 5 minutes and man it looks awesome. Its amazing how much more fun it is when everyone has extra parts laying around to play dress up.

We also put a Sugar Bear front end on the panhead. Its very nice but im not 100% sold on it yet. My old front end was 4 inches longer and I liked the stance better, so the hunt is still on but this will do in the mean time.

If anyone would like to send us anything cool to hang out our walls that would be really awesome. Stickers, posters, naked pictures of your ex girlfriend. Anything would be cool.

Cody Davidson
5220 so. LaSalle Dr.
New Berlin, W.I.

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