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New Knuckle Project/Crashed Pan

Well I finally brought the panhead home, I crashed it so quickly after finishing it that it never even made it to its own garage. But its coming back together now. I found a cool front end, new 21" hoop to relace to my spool hub, and new exhaust pipes. (none of which are pictured, this is all stuff that we threw on to wheel it around). Anyways, once I change those few things, I need to straighten a few things and pulls out some dents and it will be good as new. Im hoping to have it finished again in time to take it to Daytona and ride around with Tony and Kevo. Oh by the way, thats my old man's shovel bagger in the picture. He's the man that started it all for me. Father and son bikes chillin in the garage.

Also I picked up a 47 Knuckle basket the other day. I already have the bike built in my head and cant wait to get going on it. Found a 48 wishbone frame and a lot of the other parts for it too which I'm picking up this weekend. stay tuned...



  1. Awesome! Good to see the bike back up. Even better that your back up. Heard the story through Warren & really felt for you. I went down real bad in '06. What don't kill ya....