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Sifton 110 cam

The heart of the beast. An nos sifton 110 knucklehead cam. .450 lift! Found it and could not say no. Wouldn't you? These are real hard to find and rare. Goons put a little pep in the old girls step. Choppers rule!

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  1. Hard to find.... and rare.... is your other blog
    thesaurus.blogspot.com. Do a wheelie and ride on your rear wheel too! Go fast and haul ass! Miss you.

  2. I went a little overboard on the descriptive words. Sorry teacher man. How's japan?

  3. After riding with you I must say more power is something that you definitely DON'T need LOL!! Great score brother!!!

  4. Sorry, I think i was drunk when I wrote that. Japan rules.

  5. I wore out my Sifton 450 performance cam, is it possible to find one? maybe NOS<
    PS have owned this Knuckle since 1968 and would sure like to replace it as it makes my 80 in stroker Knuckle scream! Thanx for your consideration.

  6. Dave,

    I don't have at other knuckle cams. Look into a leinweber cam. Or hit up bacon at dcchoppers.blogspot.com. I think he may have a few cams.